Sunday, November 18, 2007


We're so sorry for not posting anything in a long time. Here is a list of excuses:
- we have tons of things to do in school
- it's hard to see anything because of the darkness outside
- we can't find anyone with cool clothes
- it's hard to take good photos with flash

We will back soon we hope. We hope you forgive us, and continue loving us!

Love from The Way-Farers! team :-)


Anonymous said...

haha you are cool, i won´t stop checking your blog everyday until you come with new pictures xD best apologize is: no ppl with cool clothes haha *g*

Sigurd Fandango said...

I can teach you how to use flash :)


yes please! eller jeg (julia) syns det ser kult ut med sånn stygg/kul flash sånn som på bilet av aase. men de andre sier de hater det ! :)