Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Way-Farers! blog is back on track. Sadly, I'm the only photographer left and I cannot run this blog all by myself. For that reason, I'm looking for new, voluntary photographers who have an eye for style and roam the streets of Oslo. I'd appreciate it if some photographers would like to join The Way-Farers! team.

Send an e-mail to

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

kommer det ikke noen bilder snart da? xD

Anonymous said...

kommer det ikke noen bilder snart da? xD

alicia said...

Hei lille venn.

Jeg kan hjelpe deg med aa fotografere naar jeg er tilbake i Oslo.



greenbutton: Ikke midt oppi tentamensuken!

Alicia: HURRA!!! :D Fine nyheter!

Soul said...

jeg vil bli med å fotografere jeg åå! :D
(men altså, det stod ikke hvem som var den enste igjen - er det TK? :P)

- sonya (:

Cool Urbanite. said...

If I lived in Oslo I would def leave an email, but too bad! Hope you found one!

John said...

Thank goodness! Good luck!

christalspace said...

It is so great to be able to read you again ! You are such an inspiration !
I could have helped you with pictures, but I live in Sarpsborg... If you decide to extend your area, just give me a sign :-)